Lifestyle/Connect didn't import all groups


I was forced to install and use the "new” ST app that is now called Lifestyle due to adding my Samsung dishwasher. I have come across two odd items. First it didn’t import all my groups (or Rooms) so many devices are not listed in any rooms. Is it possible to re-import those items, or if I re-create the rooms, and add them, will it mess up my Classic App? Also, it kind of sucks the new app doesn’t have an IPad version. Does anyone have any insight on that?

Best method is to contact ST Support and ask them to sync up the data. If you don’t want to wait, best to remove the room in the Classic app, recreate it and add all the devices back. test it on one room to see if it shows in the new app. if it works, do the rest.

ST has not shared any details if they will release a version for iPad

Can you post a pic of the icon for this app or a link to the App Store listing? I think this is actually an old app.

Here you go

Thanks. This forum has been really helpful and never had to actually contact support.

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if you contact ST support, best to call and speak directly with a rep.

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Ah, ok. That’s the new app. Had never heard it called Lifestyle before. Looks like jkp has you going down the right path.

The app is still just called “SmartThings.”

“Lifestyle” is the category that Google has chosen to put most home automation apps into.

See, for example, LIFX or Phillips hue.

The classic app is in the same category. :sunglasses:


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