Lifesmart Wall Switches

(Shantur Rathore) #1

Hey guys,

Anyone of you tried Lifesmart BLEND Switches?
It can work without Neutral at the switch as mentioned in the link below.

I am not sure i remember reading somewhere that these are Zigbee HA compatible. I am trying to get in touch with their support to confirm.


(cjcharles) #2

Have to say you cant tell very much from either website without somebody speaking Chinese! It does look like you can run it without a neutral from some of the pictures, but I would probably say you cant trust it without any evidence and documentation. If you get anything decent from the manufacturer about the protocol or commands then maybe worth having a gamble as they do look cool!!! (if perhaps a little tacky…maybe in the words of the other half…)

(Shantur Rathore) #3

Just got a reply from manufacturer. Its not Zigbee HA. I liked the switches.
Probably i would go to Xiaomi Aquara No -neutral ones. The only thing they miss is a dimmer and switched on notification on switch.