Life360 SmartApp stopped working

I had been using Life360 services to automate geofencing for my Smart Thermostat (Ecobee). The integration was done using IFTTT, but since December the integration no longer works. On searching online, I see Life360 has stopped integration support.
" On December 2, 2020, the Life360 service will be removed from IFTTT because the Life360 team no longer supports the service."
I also got a confirmation about this from Life360 support team. The Life360 template for MySmartApps also does not work anymore. This was a great and RELIABLE service for doing multi-user geofencing and used Automation rules to control devices (SmartThings Monitoring Arm/Disarm), Cameras On/Off, Thermostat Home/Away.

Does anyone know of an alternative of Life360 that supports multi-user Geofencing and is RELIABLE?

You can use Life360 natively within ST. I use TMLeaf’s distribution. I use it as a backup in automations for arrival functions, for when the built-in arrival in ST doesn’t work. I think it’s fairly reliable but in my case it only gets used occasionally for when the built-in location doesn’t fire.

I use it because it has a smaller geofence than the stock app which the minimum is way to large. I cross over the stocks geofence twice on the way to work (which of course triggers my away and home automations twice. Using Life 360 avoids this scenario

I also tried TMLeaf’s L360 implementation as you suggested, but same error. He has added updateMembers method and rest of the code is the same. When I Publish the App to me, I see it in the Smart Apps list from the phone app. Clicking on it gives me this error:
“Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.”

The Authentication part is failing. In the Logs, I see the call fails in createAccessToken() fails.

One interesting observation is the createAccessToken() method implementation is not included in the code. I dont understand the implementation completely, but that felt a bit strange. Can we have the ST dev team respond to this please?
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i sometimes having a user where life 360 stops updating i just relink and it works fine again for a few months, I wish i could this but life 360 is much more reliable than my phone for location

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Ive been using it for sometime now because of its smaller geofence than stock. Been very reliable

yes and for me, there are not a lot of cell towers out here and my phone almost never thinks im home, so life360 does a great job of always putting me at home without killing my phone battery :slight_smile:

plus family members in my 360 circle thing can get in the house if they need to and when i leave for work it doesn’t lock the house down on them.

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i should note i just have L360 connected under “linked services” and it works great

@viper04af Could you please share the steps, details? I have not been able to make it work.

you might want to make sure the app has the permissions it needs on your phone, if it does not will will not work well

smarthing app (the new one) menu (top left) >settings (top right of the pop up) > linked services > (you can manages it here.

I guess I added mine with old app

this tread says to reinstal lthe new app

her is video

This is how you link it

I guess I just got lucky that mine still works?