Life360 arrival "debounce"?

I’ve recently moved to Life360 for presence detect purposes (vs ST’s native phone support feature), on both my iPhone and my wife’s.

What I am seeing in ST however, fairly consistently, is that anytime we arrive at home, there is an “arrived” event, followed within ~1minute by a “left” event, then another final “arrived” event 3-4minutes later. The behavior does not seem to change much with size of the geofence I select, and ensures we get false alarms from STHM monitors that are fooled by not disarming soon enough.

I don’t see a similar “bounce” on these arrival events when I look at Life360’s history, so I suspect they have some form of filtering there that is not duplicated in the ST logic.

Wondering if anyone else has run into this with Life360 based PD and has found a workaround in ST for this? (I’m new to Life360 and only started using it to get a more robust ST presence detection - hope springs eternal :grin: )

are you using the version installed from IDE/smartapps/+ smartapp/from template or custom code such as the @tmleafs version?

The latter (@tmleafs), from their latest github IIRC.

I’m using TMLeafs’ as well, but only for arrival. I have it in parallel with the native sensor.

Unfortunately, when you set up an away automation using TMLeafs, ST won’t let you specify a minimum time away like it does for the native sensor. I found that my departure automation always worked fine with the native sensor, so I’m only using TMLeafs for the arrival sensor as a backup to the native one. I don’t see a downside to running the two in parallel for arrival.

Unfortunately ST’s native sensor for my phone “broke”, and ST’s support has been unable to fix it after many weeks of attempts… so it seems I’m stuck for now.

Has anyone managed to find a fix for this “bouncing” issue. I have exactly the same problem with my Life360 arrival which opens my garage door. After I close the door and head upstairs the garage door opens again and needs to be manually re-closed.

I did not find a fix, however recently after many months I did get my native iPhone presence detection working again (I suspect some fix upstream in ST land was done).

For the Life360 debounce case you mention, if you’re already using/familiar with Webcore you could probably create a piston to handle the debounce then trigger the garage door opening within the piston itself.