Life without ST

For the past several weeks, I have been using ST as a regular non-techie user would do. Not even following this community and all my friends here. I miss you’ll a lot. But just wanted to get a feel what’s it to be a regular user. End of February, will post my experience. Meanwhile I have not added any device, not rebooted the hub, not done zwave repairs, not been in the IDE or checked the logs. Pretty much done nothing but triggered some routines manually when absolutely required. Have not even followed what’s new and new issues are. Haven’t even checked what version we are on.

PS: as of now missing @April tons! :wink:


Looking forward to this write-up from a techie gone non-techie.

Usually we see it the other way… non-techies who learn and become techies.

As of now I miss my friends the most! And times what really tempts me to break my promise is what @geko has been up to! :wink:

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I was wondering where you went… Welcome back to the Dark Side.

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This is the only thread I am going to follow till end of Feb. I have 300 plus unread posts and new ones! Well! :slight_smile:

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I can tell you, that you’ve had a lot less troubles just by doing that. Cannot wait to see your ‘regular user’ point of view!


You might be onto something, Ron. I think a good portion of the “weirdness” many of us experience is due to our own tinkering (e.g., changing a device name w/o first removing it from smartapps that use it, and then having things go to the twilight zone). :smile:

GL and hope to see you back here!


You mean you haven’t used or updated Rule Machine in weeks? How have you survived?

At least tell us that you got the $330 Bloomsky for $20 like everyone else.


I’m afraid they let you out of rehab a bit too early :wink:


Dude… Whatever you’re smokin… Please don’t pass it! ! ! Lol


Is it end of February yet?

Those that leave the community always find a way of coming back… Ahem, like me. :slight_smile:
Would love to hear your findings, of your experience.

Missing you tons, Ron!


I totally have to agree with that statement… my system is more stable without any modifications. With some tinkering, it’s always going to be a bit more unstable than something that has gone through a lot more testing… But, that’s also the beauty of an open platform.

Although life is simpler just “as a regular consumer” would experience it, having apps like the recent SmartApps you lot have shared, it’s less customizable for sure!

Going off on a tangent: I do think we’ll be getting a lot of attention via SDC 2016 this year, and I’m certain this will bring even more attention and resources towards the community developers.


I agree with you about this. Anything can get your lights to turn on and off. But, can the plain Jane run of the mill system turn your lights on based on who walks into the room at the levels that person wants, and do something different for a different person, and based on the time of day?

With a little bit of tinkering, mine can!

I’m ok with a little instability in my system… It kind of reminds me of my wife! Crazy fun!


I miss you all tons! Have been malfunctioning for the past several weeks now as well and under repairs! Hope they get me right. To be fair and honest, have no energy left to tinker with my SmartThings. I mean it physically with my health. Everything else is a lame excuse from me. With the medical bills, cannot even get a new device. That’s my sorry life right now.

Enough whining, I will be back! :slight_smile:


Honestly, @geko I wish I could afford a rehab. Hanging on with just surviving is my option for now. :slight_smile:

Off e-cigs as well. :wink:

eak! I’m so sorry! That really sucks to hear about your health. Wishing you only truly the best! <3

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