Life 360 presence in Home and Family?

Does anyone know how to have Life360 user presence display in the Home and Family section, similar to the way ST presence worked?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, go to the family section. But the hear in upper right of screen follow prompts to select your family members.

I have no Home and Family section in the app… :frowning:
Ha, just figured it out…, thanks for letting me know it was possible!

For anyone who sees this in the future - if you don’t have a certain Dashboard section you can click the plus on the bottom of the Dashboard and configure an alert or action. After that the Dashboard section will show up.

For example, you can configure an alert to have a door notify you when it opens. After that, Doors and Locks will be available.

Thank you Tyler. I thought he already had that per the info in the discussion. Obviously I was wrong (SMILE)