Lidl Smart Home with SmartThings

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Using the modified DTH ZigBee Valve Lidl.groovy

Battery status not showing 0%.

I have modified other thing in DTH.
Try it

Did you reinstall the valve?


My first post in the forum!

Last year on my business trip to Austria I bought a lidl wireless doorbell button.
Has anyone got this to work with smartthings?

Does the battery indication work?
If it doesn’t work it is better to remove the dth link from or modify it.


Reinstalled the DTH, and reinstalled the Valve.
Valve works, battery indication remains 0%
Thanks for all your help, Mariano.

Device Info

With current states:

Screen app:


Thanks foryour reply.
If you want to make one last try?
It’s hard to debug without having the device here. :wink:

I modified something else.
See if you can capture the configuration log, opening live loging before pressing update on the device.

Some of the dth fails in the valve configuration as the battery information does not appear in IDE current states.

valve configuration fine:

With your latest code I get the following Logs
Note error java.lang.NumberFormatException: null @line 120 (parse)

It seems that it has responded to the configuration, but the dth does not interpret it well, I will have done it wrong.
I have changed something else and since the device sends battery information every 10 minutes, if it changes.
Thank you for your patience