Lidl Smart Home with SmartThings

@Luis_Mijares great work
My 3 way extensions are working great and i can control each socket individually.

I have the LED strip and added your handler, however i still only get white adjustment, with no colour options.

Any ideas please

Otherwise these are great value and I thank you for the work you have done

once youve published the DHT for yourself, and added the device in smartthings, go to the MyDevices tab, click the bulb you added and at the bottom click edit. then change, TYPE to, sengled RGBW bulb, or obi2000 zigbee rgbw xy.
this should let you change the colour

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I have made a little mod with the correct Lidl fingerprints for RGBW XY bulb and led strip. It is based in Obi2000 DTH but there is still something strange in the colour mode.

This should detect both devices once instaled the DTH in IDE.

Anyway thanks to Obi2000 and his work.


Question to Lidl Smart Led Strip owners… how long is your strip? According to local ads, the lenght is “approximately 2,5 meters”. Mine was only 2 meters, so I called the customer care. Waiting for resolution now. Interestingly there is no indication of length of the strip on the package, it’s only mentioned in ads and in store. Maybe I’m nitpicking :thinking:
Edit: I stand corrected. It says 2m on front of the package. I’m just blind, it seems. Thanks @Bogweed. Still the ads have wrong lenght mentioned. Feeling a bit silly now…

Mine is 2m long and it says 2m on the bottom left corner of the packaging.

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I got the RGBW bulb working nicely with the custom device handler (now also able to change color which didn’t work with Zigbee RGBW). However, the brightness is very low when in color more. In white mode in any color temperature it works as expected. Is this due to the bad quality of the bulb itself, or something related to the DTH? Does anyone else have the same issue?

Hi Louis,

Thx for fingerprint of the Led stripe.

A little change in your ModVersion of the dth from obi2000 will provide the full white colour range.
Take a look on colorTempSliderControl and change it to range:"(2000…6500)"

Thanks for this update, totally made the colour option work now… much appreciated @Luis_Mijares

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Hi vhe,

this is a hardware issue, nothing todo with the dth.
You can see this as well in the youtube video in post 44.
I had take aswell a look on the ikea rgb dth and same effect. The one from obi2000 based on the ikea one, but in the Version from obi the colour set is a bit better.

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Having trouble with the DTH for the LIDL Colour Bulb. The range of colours work (although not particually bright but I understand this is expected), but the brightness slider itself doesnt respond to anything. Seems it’s stuck on 100% and will not reduce. Any thoughts?

Hi Folks,

We have good news from Christian_H. He has done great improvements in Lidl DTHs.

  1. New Lidl contact sensor DTH.

  2. New great stuff:

The motion sensor now works from cloud to local so it works without a Internet connetion as the contact sensor that he developed does.

RGBW bulb now has also the fingerprint for the E14 model and the colour range for the white colour is set to 2000-6500k (It was wrong with 2700-6500k)

some vid setup in the codes, this will allow in the new App to get correct language depending on the user location is.

You are great Christian. Thank you very much.

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So the new contact sensor DTH is this:

The new motion sensor DTH:

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The new Lidl RGBW Bulbs(E27 and E14) and led strip DTH:

and the new Lidl powerstrip DTH:

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Hi together,

to get the benefit from the local sensors (motion & contact) you need use the SmartApp : Smart Lighting for your Automations. At the moment this is the only way to run Automations local with the new ST App.


It looks like there are still some Lidl products in the pipeline:


Hi Fred

Any more tips on how to get the Lidl RGB light sprip working.

I add this Device handler in the online SmartThings IDE.

Deleted the Light Strip Device that was installed from the first time I turn on the light and added it.
Turned on the light strip.

Then I went to “Add device” and “Scan Nearby”.
I get “Scanning”… and I wait a long time … no devices are found?


I also added this device handler below, but still “No devices found”.
This is the device that I have plugged in

These are the dive handlers I have installed:

This seems to be what I need to detect the LED light strip.

Hello Rudiger,

Did you put your devices in pairing mode before scanning?

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@Luis_Mijares that was the tip I needed. Thank you so much.
I got out the manual, and I unpaired the strip light by turning it on/off three times. The lights started flashing, and then when I scanned for new devices on the SmartThings app on my phone the light strip was found and the colours now work.

Brilliant, I will have a happy daughter tonight.

Ive tried both the sengled and the lidl dh above, but I cannot get reds to show.

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