Lidl Smart Home with SmartThings


It seems to work with Sengled RGBW but its very dim in colour mode?
Has anyone managed to get it working properly?

Hi Christian,
Thanks, got it working. I obviously didn’t look hard enough but after your post I went through the list slowly and found it.

As you can see above I now have it working. Mine are on a par with Hue which aren’t as good as Lifx, maybe slightly dimmer.

Hi Jsxx
Paul Hibbert has just reviewed Lidl gear, so you could go and compare what you have with what he is showing. Check it out here.


Christian I am going to try this thx a lot I was toying around with a standard setting (without really understanding what I was doing :slight_smile: ) but couldn’t make it work. I’ll keep you posted if it works for me.

Luis perseverance is sometimes a good thing :). I removed the device and then added it back in again and now it does work. Not sure what the reason was. I have triggered detection activity to the led strip in automation and it works like wonder.


its not about the hardware, its the device handler that doesn set it to correct brightness when in color mode

I also got the E27 smart bulb from Lidl and now trying to implement to ST.
Has anyone figured a way? Should I have to use a specific device handler?

For some reason when I search it it added it in as “Zemismart Zigbee Blind”. Anyone else have this issue?

figured out that i had zemismart device handler which i guess was interfering with it… deleted it and all sorted

I also got to connect the RGB bulb with this device handler. However, I couldn’t get any color changes (only cool and warm white variations) and eventually deleted the device.

Now that I’m trying to add it again, it will show it connects and gets discovered but it won’t switch on/off or changed white temperature either.

Any idea how to troubleshoot it?

Great Job FredM!!!

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Luis many thanks for the DTH. I can only get 2 outlets on the strip recognised by ST. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks for your reply @Sprox. I just added a second strip and still only two sockets appearing. I did the initial pairing which found one socket. Then changed the device type to LAMS Zigbee Multiswitch which found a second socket but nothing further?

Not sure, I’m no expert - and I only have one 3-way strip. You should see something like this in your device list at (I’ve renamed them so the Display Names will be different):


I didn’t find them at first as they show up at the bottom of the list in the smartphone app. I can only suggest removing it completely and starting it again.

@Sprox many thanks. I eventually found them by deleting and readding a second time forf each and all sockets are there now!

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@Luis_Mijares @norberto_bcn can I ask a massive favour please? Could either of you chaps take a look at the Lidl Espana website and tell me if the Smart HEater they are selling is Zigbee controlled please? My flat in Onil is very cold and a smart heater would be a great idea for my work room. My Spanish isnt great but I dont see Zigbee mentioned only wifi?

EDIt: Answered this one myself. It is wifi only unfortunately.

Hello Jon,

You could make any heater smart with only single Temperature sensor and smart switch.

Take a look at this:

Christian I have been adding these finger prints but keep getting errors do you have any idea what is wrong

Andrew I watched the video and I think he is right that the Lidl stuff is a steal although we recently also see the Smart plugs from ledvance/GE they are all the same and sold in packs of 4. Still to make the Lidl stuff work in Smartthings was still a bit of an effort and could only be done with the help of the great people here. If you are new to Smartthings its a steep learning curve even for people like me with some programming experience and long working career in IT/Telco space. Its not something you recommend to your brother or sister if they are accountant or in the healthcare and just need things to plug and work.

But he is right that for 100,- you can easily toy around and get some experience.

Hi Fred,

It look their are line breaks going to the code when you copy it from my Post. I send you a PM.