LFM-20 unable to connect

I recently installed a LFM-20 on my garage door. I can double-click the button to activate the garage door and when I plug-in the device it also activates my garage door.

However, the ST hub has yet to find it. It is approximately 30ft from the hub with a ST Multisensor in between. Is there someone special that I have to do in order to get the relay to connect?

Also, is there a way to prevent the garage door from triggering when it is plugged in?

Is there someone special that I have to do in order to get the relay to connect?

Well, that seems a little odd… I don’t think ST has gone down that road of payment acceptance yet. :smile:

On a serious note: When first pairing a z-wave device, you sometimes need to be VERY close to the Hub… like 10-15 feet close. After it’s paired you can have a larger distance and/or communicate through the mesh, but when first pairing, try to get as close as you reasonably can. I had a couple of outlets in my garage that were maybe 20-25 feet and wouldn’t pair until got a longer Ethernet cable on my hub and moved it closer to the garage. After pairing and moving everything back into place they’ve worked flawlessly.

Another possibility if you bought this device used: It may not have been excluded from it’s previous network which means you’ll need to exclude it before you can pair it with the new controller. Contact support for help with that.

Final commend: The ST Multisensor (as well as the ST Motion Sensor) are Zigbee devices, so they won’t expand your Z-wave network. Just for your information.

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Just to close the loop, the reason was because the relay switch wasn’t close enough to the base. This being the first device I connected, I didn’t realize the distance limitation when joining a new device.

Glad it’s up and running for you!