LFM 20 Evolve integration for Asia garage motor type

Is possible to control Garage door with Asia garage motor type ?

I use garage motor like this: http://cuakeodailoan.net/images/motor_cua_cuon_fv.jpg

and have switch with 3 buttons like this: http://cuacuon24h.vn/view_thumb.php?image=vnt_upload/product/11_2009/cng_tc_gn_tng.jpg&w=200

I have install LFM-20 to ST hub and can control light on/off. I only see this device have only one button. How can I control garage door with three buttons Up/ Down/ Stop

Here is inside of my garage switch https://goo.gl/photos/8MJQ7zEjhMpcaZrQ8

Thank for your help