LFM-20 Connection Problems

When trying to connect to the LFM-20 to the ST hub, the hub appears to try and connect, but never completes the process. According to my hub event log, the following events trigger (in this order):

  1. Z-Wave include search started
  2. Z-Wave device inclusion started
  3. desc: 0 0 0x1003 0 0 0 9 0x25 0x2B 0x2C 0x27 0x75 0x73 0x70 0x86 0x72
    This includes the device ID of the LFM-20 in the “data” secition
  4. Z-Wave device inclusion finished

On the ST hub, the LED stops flashing (like a device has been connected), but on the app it still says “searching for a device” and the device never shows up in the app.

I’ve tried restarting the ST hub and re-connecting, doing a generic device exclusion and excluding the device to make sure it wasn’t connected to another hub, resetting power on the LFM-20 and trying to include again, as well as a few button combinations on the LFM-20 (single click to pair, double click to pair, etc).

My hub and device are about 1-2 feet from each other when trying to pair.

And ideas?

Repeat the exclusion. Some people report that the two button presses on the LFM-20 have to be very close together.