Leviton ZWave Smart Plug Unresponsive

I have ben having issues with the Leviton Wave DZPD3 ZWave Smart plug becoming unresponsive. I have tons of hard wired z-wave switches that would act as repeaters so it should not be an issue with distance. The plug will work for a period of time, then stop becoming responsive (it may or may not relate to when a power outage occurs). I have seen this randomly with both of the plugs I have of this brand. Anyone else have similar issues?


I don’t have any Leviton outlets but I and a few others had similar issues with Leviton smart switches and dimmers.

The fix was to upgrade the device firmware.

You might call Leviton support. If that’s the problem they’ll probably mail you a loaner Z-wave USB stick and the new firmware.

I reached out to Leviton, but I don’t see anywhere you would plug a USB in this to update firmware.

They’ll send you instructions. You plug the USB Z-wave stick into a computer and use a utility to connect to the device to update the firmware.

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