Leviton VRMX1-1LZ and power outage impact

Had an interesting situation today. I have 21 VRMX1-1LZ dimmers in my setup. Had a power outage for about 15 seconds today during some freak lightening strikes in Seattle. Power came back on and all my lights returned to the state they were in before the outage. However, most all the dimmers were functioning incorrectly. Their dimming levels were barely differentiated between lowest and highest, notably no low level dimming. I didn’t notice initially as the dimmers were all up, but then my evening lights routine ran and the lights lowered a tiny bit, but nothing like expected. I played around for a bit and finally tried the Air Gap, disconnecting a dimmer from the load. After this, the dimming levels returned to normal. I did this for all malfunctioning dimmers in my house. My imagination is making me think that they still aren’t dimming as low as they did yesterday, but I think it is just that, my imagination.

Interestingly, the issue only presented itself for the newer VRMX1s. I have two generations of this device, 001D-1B03-0334 and 001D-0602-0334, the latter shipping about 9 months after the former. The 1B03 edition were unaffected by the outage and the 0602 edition were all affected.

Good stuff, huh? I thought maybe that the device reset to an Incandescent load setting, but you can’t change the load setting with the VRMX1 like you can with the newer DZ1KD, so I was at a loss.

Related, has anybody moved from the VRMX1 to the DZ1KD and feel like anything is notably better? Not that I want to buy 20 new dimmers, but just asking. :slight_smile:

Any reason to believe I’m not imagining that these aren’t dimming like they were before the outage? No, right?