Leviton VRCS4

yes I’ve pretty much abandoned getting this to work. I may look into something different - I was just hoping to get a wall mounted station for the dining area - maybe Brililant? I don’t know much about that yet.

“[…] hitting configure should cause […]” ??? where do you “hit configure” ? smartapp? which device handler? which smartapp? there are many versions floating around VRCS4 / VRCZ4 … M0Z / MRZ bdahlem, MPK, deanlzook… ?

Hi Nathan

I have 5 vrcs4-MRZ working with MPK´s DHT and SMARTAPP, and they are working very well, 4 buttons working perfectly.

I had the same issue months ago, but is was because the firmware wasn´t working with this DHT. But the smartthings team fixed it.

Read my posts above and you will find some answers.

I have vrcs4-m0z, not mrz… Different device

The original bug was with how AssociationGroupingsReport() was being handled, if it was fix for either Zone or Scene controller, it would be fixed for both. ( It is always possible that it could be broken for just one, but unlikely ).

If you install this driver:

It should configure Zone or Scene controller to work as any of the drivers I have seen nee; it does the device probe/configure in a way that does not rely on AssociationGroupingsReport(). Via the developer page it will report how the device is associated.

After it does its thing, just change the device type to whatever your original driver was.

( This device driver treats both devices in a similar manner, and just sets them up as button devices. Which is what I prefer, but that is probably not what most people would expect.)

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Brian, I noticed you have controllers for VRCS4 as well. I was thinking of switching from what I am using know which is very unstable, to yours. Would I use this driver with your controller here: https://github.com/TangentOrgThings/SmartStuff/blob/master/devicetypes/tangentorgthings/leviton-vizia-rf-button-scene-controller.src/leviton-vizia-rf-button-scene-controller.groovy
Is that controller also compatible with teh VRCZ4?

I use the following one for my VRCZ4 and VRCS4:

I used the Classic App FWIW.

The one you pointed to I use for a VRCS1 ( and in the past I also used it for VRCS4-M0Z ). It has logic in it that you just don’t need if all you want is a simple button controller ( which is how I use them ). It also has child device logic in it which is something you don’t need most of the time ( well,… depends on if you use the Smart app a lot, which we don’t ).

What smart app do you use with this code?

Brian, Finally got around to trying your device handler. How are you connecting button presses to actions? Do you have a matching SmartApp, or do I need to edit the device handler?

I may have missed it but if I want to use one of the buttons to trigger a scene I have I can’t figure out which app to use. I want to set the first 3 buttons to lights and the last one to trigger a good night scene which shuts off specific lights. Any help will be appreciated.

What do I use?
A very hacked up version of an app called ABC.

What would I suggest?
In the SmartThings Classic app there is a SmartApp called “Button Controller” that should work ( it is very basic ).

This Device Handler is working well for me, @BrianAker with my VRCS4. Thank you!

I’m using this device in conjunction with webcore to program my scenes.
Is there a way to allow me to programatically turn off the buttons on the VRCS4?

This way, if the device gets out of sync with the lights, I don’t need to double tap a button to get it to fire a scene.

Here’s an example:
Lights are on, I press button 4 which fires my “Living Room Off” scene… I leave.
Later, I come back and walking in the door I turn the light on from the physical dimmer, rather than the scene controller. The scene controller is still showing button 4 lit, so it’s now out of sync.
When I go to leave the room, I press button 4, Living room Off, but since it’s on already, that just turns the button off and doesn’t trigger the scene in webcore. I have to press it a second time to get it to turn the lights off.

My thoughts would be either a way to make both a button on and button off equal a button press, Or make it so that the button automatically turns off after a few seconds of being lit… Or be able to program the button off automatically in webcore.