Leviton VRCPG as secondary remote?

Has anyone had success using a Leviton VRCPG as secondary with the ST V2 hub, and could tell me how that was done? I’ve seen some posts suggesting it should work, but insufficient details on exactly what to do.

After trying to include it using the app’s “connect new device” command, the remote showed up in my App as a Z-wave remote – but when I try to assign it to be controlled by an instance of the “Button Controller” SmartApp, the remote is not listed in the available device list (my AEON minimotes are though).

And a related question - assuming I get it to work, will the VRCPG remote “directly” control Z-wave switches, or does it only request that the main control HUB perform the various actions? (I’m using a minimote as a remote for one room now, and find the latency from button push to action a bit annoying. I’m guessing I’ll have a similar experience with the VRCPG as secondary but am not sure.)

I suspect it will be easier to just isolate this “special” room to be a separate Z-wave network with the Leviton as its primary for my use case, but am willing to experiment with a unified network if that’s possible.