Leviton Switches - Deal of the Day @ Home Depot


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I don’t know if I’d call that a “switch”, but I might order this anyway. I like the USB outlets.

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No, I was calling attention to the Leviton Light Switches on the same page.

Great price.

Wow Switches got pricey. LOL

Was $224.85

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I was trying to figure out how $35ea was a sale. Then wondering who the poor ( or rich ? ) sap was that paid the $60 regular price for them.

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Where did the $60 price come from? $225 divided by 5 is about $45

That reading stuff… :slight_smile:

Do those light up in any way? I don’t see a little LED. Just wonder if the toggle itself can be illuminated somehow.

I have the switch version of this and there is a small green light under the plastic just below the paddle.

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