Leviton switch flash amber/red

I have several Leviton switches and dimmers connected to ST for about a year or two. Twice now (2 separate devices) they began flash amber and red. While blink the device works both via the app and if you use the switch itself, but the flashes constantly for days without end. The only way I can stop it is to turn the breaker off and back on. Any idea why this is happening and what can be done to fix it?

One was a switch and now it is happening with a dimmer.

bump anyone got any thoughts? Should I switch to a different smart switch brand? Kinda getting old resetting the clocks when this happens (after flipping breakers off and on)

Same thing happening to one of mine. Did you ever find an answer?

Yeah, I switched to Lutron Radio RA2, and pulled all my Z-wave switches. Absolutely flawless! If RA2 is too pricey you could use Casta. I switch ST for Hubitat, and Z-wave for Lutron. Life is good now!!

Just happened to one of my dimmer switches , no clue why red and amber flashing but still working fine