Leviton Smart Switch Motion Detection basics?

I was turned onto the leviton smart light switchs and have become a little addicated. I have hooked one up to a front porch light so that when motion is detected the smart switch comes on, no biggie right, I was wondering if i would be able to have another smart switch come on in the house, lets just say the bedroom bath light if the smart motion sensor light came on.

Yes. If using smartthings for your automation. Go to automation tab. Select smart app tab and go the lighting section. There is a smart app called smart lighting. Use that to control the way you want

are you wanting to create a new rule or add the bedroom bath light to the porch light coming on?

Not sure what you mean by rule, but as you said, when the porch light comes on i want the room light to come on and both are smart switchs.

Which specific model of Leviton switches are you using? If you are using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ones that don’t require a hub, that gets more complicated.

This forum is for people using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform. There are several different models of Leviton Home automation switches. They are all called “smart switches” but they include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, zigbee, and Z wave, And only some of those work with SmartThings.

So the first thing that we need to ask you is which model of the smartthings hub are you using and which smartthings mobile app are you using, because the process of setting up rules is a little different depending on your exact configuration.

Also, what brand and model of motion sensor are you using? I’m a little bit confused by your description.


Ya, sorry, I have the two switchs going to a smartthings hub. The motion sensor is wired (in parallel) before the switch so that either the motion sensor turns on the front porch light or you can manually turn it on at the switch or use the smart app to turn it on, hope that makes sense

Smart hub #STH-ETH-250; firmWare 000.021.0003
Leviton Switch #DZ15S and DZ1KD-1BZ
RAB Lighting Sensor STL360

ohhhhh k, i thought the motion sensor was in smartthings, too. Which smartthings app are you using? Does the app icon have 1 circle or 6 circles?

One circle

ok. try smart lights (classic app section in this link)

OK, so both of the switches show up in your things list in the SmartThings app, right? But the lighting sensor does not because it is just built into the outside light. There isn’t any way directly to use that motion sensor with SmartThings.

You said you have it rigged so that when the motion sensor turns on the outside light, “the smart switch also turns on.” So you mean that if the downstairs Switch shows as “off” in the smartthings app, when the built-in motion sensor turns on the outside light, the status of that switch also changes to “on” in the smartthings app?

If so, then we have something we can work with.

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Sorry Im away from the switch currently, but will test tonight if the SS shows on when detection occurs.

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So I ended up using a 120vac relay in parallel with the downstream side of the dumb motion sensor. Used the Wave remote dry contact switch side only and BAM it worked.