Leviton Indicator Lights

With my GE/Jasco devices, I can control when the ‘indicator light’ is lit. This doesn’t work for the Leviton dimmer’s I have in a few places where either high-loads or the buzzing of the GE dimmer drove me to spring for the good stuff…

Is this just a matter of the Leviton’s not supporting a command that is used to control the indicator light? Or is Leviton using their own command (hopefully, but doubtfully published) that could be used to control the indicator light with a custom device type?

AFAIK, Leviton dimmers do not respond to the indicator light commands. They do, however, have a built in mechanism to control how the indicator lights function, including off.

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I too ran into this on the DZS15.

The solution for turning it off is the following:

Hold the switch down for 10 seconds until the indicator flashes, let go, then tap once. It will set the indicator to time out after 5 seconds.

Repeat to return to default function.