Leviton DZPA1 and Z-Wave Switch (Smartthings Beta driver) Issue

Re-added the Leviton DZPA1 plug-in outlet and the Z-Wave Switch driver was assigned to it (version 2023-01-18 …".

  1. Device can be controlled from the Smartthings UI with no issues;
  2. But … attempt to turn on/off from the device has NO effect

Log has the following:

2023-01-24T16:27:36.135674308+00:00 TRACE Z-Wave Switch  Received event with handler unnamed
2023-01-24T16:27:36.136881975+00:00 INFO Z-Wave Switch  <ZwaveDevice: 8b549983-063a-4887-8045-c197158abb70 [41] (Leviton Outlet)> received Z-Wave command: {args={status="TRY_AGAIN_LATER", wait_time=0}, cmd_class="APPLICATION_STATUS", cmd_id="APPLICATION_BUSY", dst_channels={}, encap="NONE", payload="\x00\x00", src_channel=0, version=1}
2023-01-24T16:27:36.208625975+00:00 DEBUG Z-Wave Switch  Leviton Outlet device thread event handled

How to address?