Leviton DZ15S-1BZ Zwave

Hello, I have a couple of these switches, according to the instructions, if there is a power interruption, they are to default to the last position. Mine do not. If the switch is 'On" and the power goes out, once the power is returned, the switch is 'Off". Latest firmware V1.20 on the switches.

Is there a way to have it default to last position?

For default device behavior, it’s probably best to contact the manufacturer’s support first. In this case, the following. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find contact options)

Meanwhile, what DTH/driver are you using for it?


i believe this what you mean? Z-Wave Switch Generic

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I have a couple of these but I guess I’ve never had a situation where the lights they controlled were on when there was a power outage.

The only parameter I see in the instructions is control of the locater LED.

Agree with @JDRoberts , contact Leviton support. If you don’t mind, report back here what you find.

Yes, that’s the device handler.

Don’t believe there are any advanced features so there’s no special handler for these.