Leviton DDMX1 Dimmer (Bluetooth model) won't connect

I installed a Leviton Blue tooth Dimmer and it will not connect to the APP. It works perfect manually and it shows up on the app, but it times out and says it’s waiting for a response from the switch.

Any ideas on why I can see it on the app but it wont talk to the app so I can control it?

The SmartThings V2 hub has a Bluetooth radio inside of it, but it has always been disabled and you cannot connect any Bluetooth devices to SmartThingd at this time. :disappointed_relieved:

They have not given any timeline for when this feature might be turned on. And it’s been about a year now.

Leviton Z wave switches will work with SmartThings. But not the Bluetooth models.

( I’m pretty sure what you were seeing in the SmartThings app is the Leviton Z wave model, DMX1 (zwave), not DDMX1 (Bluetooth). Unless you meant you were seeing it in the Leviton app.)

Hub v2 is also future-ready to support Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth radio is not currently activated.

I see it on the Leviton App. It just won’t talk to the app.

Here’s a screen shot of the app.
The dimmer shows up, but won’t communicate with it.

Matt Wolfe

You’d need to talk to Leviton support about that, since it doesn’t work with SmartThings I don’t think many people here will have experience with it.