Leviton appliance module immediately turns back on

I recently purchased a water filtering pet fountain which of course has a pump that runs non-stop. I had a Leviton appliance module (catalog number DZPA1) laying around so I figured I’d use it to have the pet fountain turn off at night and back on in the morning.

The issue is once it turns off, it immediately turns back on. Could this be caused by a load sensing feature of the module? If so how can I disable it? Or am I using the wrong device for what I’m trying to do?

The pet fountain uses a wall wart type power cord, maybe it’s the source of the load the device is sensing. If that is what is indeed happening.


How did you manage to pair it to the hub? I pressed that button in any way I could think of, no luck!

I started the ST app searching for new device then I’m pretty sure I plugged the load into the module then held the button in while plugging it into the outlet and kept holding the button in until it flashed. It’s been a while since I’ve paired it but I know I read specific instructions on how to do it which I’m thinking was in the manual that came with it. I threw that out thinking I would just download the pdf from their website. However the manual from the website doesn’t have specific instructions but it says to call the Leviton Tech line at 1-800-824-3005 or visit the website. I did a quick scan of their website and didn’t find anything on pairing it. The easiest thing maybe just to call them. Which I guess I could to the same for my issue.