Legrand adorne switches support

I can confirm the ARTIK integration does work, at least for simple on/off control. I only have basic switches right now so I’m not sure how dimmer control would work.

Hi Dave,
I am on the same boat with you. Have like 15+ Adorne Touch switches in my house and trying to control at least some of them either with Smartthings or Harmony. Obviously the nano switch is available now but the schematics by Aeon look to simple to be true. I wold like to control a light switching by two 3-
way touch switches and I am not sure if it will work. I can’t believe that once the nano switch is triggered wirelessly to Off, then the light can be turned on by the Adorne touch again. Where you are with your project? Can you shed some more “light”?

I also have some Legrand switches connected to SmartThings using the LC7001 hub and the ARTIK integration. Unfortunately, the dimmer functionality is not currently working in SmartThings. It is supported by ARTIK – I can adjust the dimmer level via their web interface and their app. The missing functionality is on the SmartThings integration side, because the only valid device type is “ARTIK Cloud Generic Switch,” which not surprisingly only supports on/off. This feels like a big oversight considering that there are supported devices like “ARTIK Cloud Robot Vacuum Cleaner VR9000”

I started to play around with sniffing the traffic to see what’s happening. Unfortunately, the LC7001 uses sockets and it sounds like ST does not support them natively. I was able to build a small node.js web server that accepts requests and makes a socket call to turn on or off a light.

The socket message to turn on a light switch looks like this…

and to play with dimming a light, it’s

The messages don’t always come back in order, i.e. you can request info on zones, scenes, etc and the results come back when they are ready. That’s where the ID comes in, as the server will include the ID in the response so you can match it up with the question. In the case of turning on or off a light switch, you can reuse the ID and it works regardless, so it’s more for the client apps benefit.

In the example above I’m switching zone 6 (ZID). I can see the zone info using:

Here’s an example response:
{“ID”:12,“Service”:“ReportZoneProperties”,“ZID”:6,“PropertyList”:{“Name”:“Dining Room Table”,“DeviceType”:“Dimmer”,“PowerLevel”:50,“Power”:false},“Status”:“Success”}

I have a list of many of the functions. When the iOS app fires up it does a lot of requests (ReportSystemProperties, ListZones, ListScenes, ListSceneControllers, SystemInfo, ReportZoneProperties, ReportSceneProperties, and ReportSceneControllerProperties) so it can show that info in the app. Then toggling a few lights revealed the other useful stuff.

I haven’t packaged this up into anything useful but thought I would share what I have in case others have time to build this out. Happy to share out the code I have if anyone is interested.

Jumping into this thread quite late but your response is the most interesting for my intent. I was getting ready to install some z-wave switches and dimmers in my new home when my wife brought the Legrand Adorne line to my attention.

If I understand you correctly you turn the Adorne paddles into pushbuttons so you can use them like a toggle to control the Aeotech switches? Makes sense. But what I am not following is how the dimmers work? Is it dimmed only via some external controlling app or can it be dimmed by the switch as well? If its app-only then its a deal-breaker for my wife :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, do these hacks work with the newer Nano switch and dimmer? I couldn’t tell from the later part of the thread.

There’s no absolute need to hack the switches. The Aeon supports both switch types. Unmodified Adorne switches work with the Aeon/Aeotech modules, just fine… at least the 4 I have wired up do!! :slight_smile:

The Aeon gets 120vac on it’s sense wire or nothing. Everytime the voltage changes, it simply toggles it’s own load relay.

Wire it up, flip the switch, it works as expected. SmartThings tells you the state (eventually.) Poke the button on your SmartThings app and the load toggles. Poke the switch, the load changes again.

What this often means is the Aeon gets 120vac on the sense line and that means turn off the load. Pretty amusing :slight_smile:

The reason I’d hack the switches is I HATE the physical switch being in the “wrong” position. By converting them to momentary, they always look the same and you do the same physical action (poke it) to toggle the load.

I installed legrand wifi adorne switches for my whole house and integration with smart thing was very easy. Works great no issues.

How do you connect the wifi switches to SmartThings? Legrand should just make some z wave or zigbee switches. I have a SmartThings hub and a Harmony hub and I don’t want another one.

In the classic st app go to marketplace, smartapps, Samsung home and use artik cloud. It will discover all legrand switches you currently have in the artik cloud

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Did you need to use the Adorne Hub?

Yes i did. Lc 7001 legrand hub

any hope Legrand would interact directly with ST hub? Currently building a house and would like to use the adorne dimmers throughout the property. ARTIK cloud seems to be shutting down! https://www.artik.io/blog/

I know Mike_Maxwell used the Aeon dimmer to control the adorne dimmer but I wanted to revisit this option. Is there any new tech out there that makes the integration a bit more streamlined? Maybe an inline dimmer module I can install on a non-smart adorne dimmer…I really like the look of their ADTP703HM2

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Any updates?