Legrand adorne switches support

So I assume this means I’ll have to get the Legrand hub and that Hub will interact with SmartThings? I really don’t want another hub and I already wired up my kitchen, living room, bathroom and hall areas with adorne switches. I still have some of the bedrooms to do but I wish they would make switches that are Z-Wave and connect directly to the SmartThings Hub.

not sure. my guess is you will most likely have to get the hub. Its only a
guess though.
I don’t work for pass and seymore who are the manufacture of the switch
since that’s our residential sister company, I don’t know the inner
workings of their division.

I work for the commercial buildings division, so we usually don’t get to
mess with the fun stuff.

Thanks for the info

Update for everyone here. I have been in contact with Aeon Labs over the last couple of months. They have confirmed this morning that the new Nano Switch will work with the Legrand Adorne Touch switch.

which touch switch exactly are you talking about?, they make several that could be called a “touch switch”

The adorne® Touch™ I am referring to is either the ASTH1532 or the ASTH1532W2.

The other 2 adorne® Touch™ items are the “adorne® Touch™ Multi-Location Remote Dimmer Switch” and the “adorne® Touch™ 700-Watt Multi-Location Master Dimmer Switch” which I don’t consider as being the adorne® Touch™ since they are listed as dimmers.

The remainder of their switches are not per say called adorne® Touch™.

Thanks for the heads up to allow me to clarify exactly which one I was referring to.

The upside is that we know that the current model of Aeon Switch will work with the adorne PADDLE and PUSH and that the new Nano Switch will work with those 2 as well as the above mentioned TOUCH.

The new Aeon Labs Nano Dimmer Gen 5 (ZW111) so far does not work with the ASTH1532 or the ASTH1532W2 so I am assuming the it will also not work with the dimmer versions of the Touch either. According to Aeon Labs the Nano Dimmer won’t work as the live voltage coming from the adorne switch isn’t supported by the Nano Dimmer, it would simply burn the circuit of the Nano Dimmer due to the 120v

As for the ETA of the Nano Switch it has been changed a couple of times and they are now thinking early April if all goes well.

In the meantime I am hoping to meet up with the Fibaro rep next week to see if there in-wall dimmer with work and also started conversations with Qubino to see if their in-wall dimmer will work.

So you’re connecting the line/load output from the Legrand switch to the switch input on the aeon?
I’m confused on how you are using these together…

Those legrands are 60 bucks list each.

I’m waiting for them right now to send further pictures and wiring schematics. The most resent update was when I posted this which was "They (the engineering team) were able to make a quick work on it and test it. It works properly and does control the relay on the Nano Switch. "

In the same email they also comes firmed that the Nano dimmer is still a no go for the TOUCH™ SWITCH but they have pointed me to the other to see if they will be bale to help.

Yeah I think they are about $67.00 cnd up here give or take.

A few things to consider with this solution.
These legrand devices are more accurately described as push button controlled relays. They contain their own internal electronics to control the load. As such, they only output 120vac, since they were designed to control a load directly.
The aeon micro controllers are primarily designed to be controlled manually via a typical dumb toggle switch, this switch being placed across the switch input terminals on the device.
the aeon switches will accept 120v on the switch terminal, this is shown on their three way diagram where a live traveler configuration is desired. The aeon dimmers cannot be wired this way, and while they show a three way wiring diagram, not all installations will have the wiring to support it.
I don’t know if the indicator light on the legrand toggles along with the load or not (I think it does), if it does, it will not be in sync with the actual light fixture, as the aeon has no way of turning the legrand switch off.
Another thing to consider is that the legrand and the aeon will be challenging to fit in the box, due to the depth of the legrand.
You won’t be able to use an aeon dimmer, not with the legrand switch, nor with the legrand dimmer.
The only way to use an aeon dimmer with this setup would be to drive a relay off the legrand, with the relay contacts going to the aeon.

Not really concerned about the Nano Dimmer at this time. I’m just thrilled that their engineering team managed to get this to work with the new Nano Switch and their electrical team then confirmed and verified that the Nano switch will now work with the TOUCH. It could be that the new Nano is not actually primarily designed to for a dumb switch anymore because of the numerous requests for touch panel ability. The indicator light according to them also was not an issue and will remain in sync with the set up.

So for myself I am ecstatic that I can go ahead hopefully in April and convert the remaining of the house over when we start the renovation. As for the box size they have finished fitting the new Nano which is 25-30% smaller than the Micro into a box. I have already adjusted one box to a 2 3/4" box and was able to fit the existing PUSH and old micro into it so by moving the box out to a 21 cu box instead it should leave plenty of room. Might even have to try to see I could use your solution of running a relay for the dimmer that way I could stay with Aeon products across the board.

I wish you luck with this.

I think there may be a miscommunication regarding the legrand status indicator.
It is impossible for the legrand status indicator light to follow the state of the aeon micro switch.
I hope that is not your expectation.

Might be the case but I’m willing to put my trust in the Aeon Labs engineering team.

Also just thought that if moving from a 14 cu to a 21 cu box still isn’t enough room then it is only a simple matter of swapping out a single gang to 2 gang instead for the extra space. Which would also allow for your idea of adding a relay in for the dimmer version.

Going to need to run that relay idea by there team and then have my electrical contacts to follow their findings to duplicate it. Thanks for that idea.

Pardon my ignorance here, but I’m having trouble understanding the cbr on this solution.
What specifically is this giving you over the paddle hack solution that I developed that costs $35 bucks per switch vs this one that is approaching $100…

Well. I guess it all started when I first came across the Adorne series prior to doing HA with smartthings and was initially going to use their Whole House solution. I really perfered the look and feel of the TOUCH.

When I decided I wanted to go beyond just the light aspect I still wanted to go with the TOUCH but with it initally not being able to work I tried the hack initially and wasn’t happy with the look or the clunkimess of it which caused me to move over to the PUSH instead to get a better look and feel. Still wasn’t happy though with the look of it and the manual feel to it. Still way to clunky.

My ultimate goal was to have the look and feel of a touch panel. Unfortunately the Aeon Labs one wasn’t going to come in a multi gang set up and I never got around to CNCing a new style of face plate to modify singles into multi so I decided to go back and see if there was a way to get the TOUCH to work. I prefer the upscale look and feel of the touch of so I’m not really to concerned about hacking something to save a couple of pennies. Instead I’ll spend the time and money to get exactly what I want instead of settling for something I’m not completely satisfied.

Sure, fair enough.
I can say though, as your ha progresses you will be physically interacting with your switches less and less.
Over 90% of the lights in our home are used on a daily basis, but none of the switches are.
The few areas that receive benefit from manual intervention are handled via the 6 echos scattered about.

Granted it is that case already especially with the Voice control that I recently added in. Yet for guest, older family members and staff that come in and out on a weekly basis they still require the physical use. In part because of their age and lack of adaptation to technology (it confuses them) and other because we entertain a great deal and not everyone is comfortable with “announcing” they are going to the bathroom etc. So the comfort of the physical switch works well for them.

Are there any z wave adorne dimmers in the pipeline that work directly with the ST hub? I have the touch dimmers in 2 locations but in the 2 rooms I’m remodeling now I want the paddle dimmers and I don’t want to install micro switches in the box because I have a couple interior walls that are 2x3 so the boxes won’t be that deep.

Are there any news on Amazon Echo/Alexa able to control Adorne switches? I have several “wifi” switches and couple of the ADWHRM4 to control them. I read in the PR back in November 2016 that there will be some sort of support. Any news on this?

It’s coming.

Veraplus plugin for adorne uses a rs232 LEGRAND interface to control the lights independent of lc7001 controller

Looks like Adorne now works with Alexa via Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud IoT hub – which also has SmartThings integration. Here’s a post (from the Logitec web site, of all places!) with more info from Legrand tech support:

SmartThings with Adorne:
This is what we have available:


I have attached the protocol guide for the system as well. If an installer/developer would like to write their own drivers to work with those products then they can certainly do that using the attached guide as it’s the programming language for our top dog technology. We only officially support what’s at the above link.

Compatibility of adorne Wi-Fi Ready devices that connect through the LC7001 and Samsung ARTIK Cloud to Alexa voice control is anticipated for April 2017. Alexa voice control means control from any Alexa-enabled device, such as the Echo.