Legrand adorne switches support

so i’m a new smartthings owner (well technically on xmas day!) and been looking around for various wall switches/outlets as replacements for my existing ones.
as luck would have it i was at lowes checking out their iris/z-wave devices and right next to them they had a line of legrand adorne switches, outlets etc.

for those not familiar, www.legrand.us/adorne.aspx

their devices simply look stunning so im surprised there hasnt been any discussion on them yet.

it would seem they are using zigbee (zigbee proprietary?)
the only references to zigbee are on their foreign sites:
has anyone tried them with smartthings?


any info would be appreciated.

Zigbee tends to be more restricted IIRC. I know someone (Andrew?) said earlier on the forums that SmartThings should suppose any Z-wave device and offered to “type” (That is: create a Device Type code for the device to operate properly with SmartThings) any device for someone if they send the device to SmartThings to work with.

I believe that if Legrand is using the standard Zigbee HA (Home Automation) protocol than it should work, but if they aren’t, then it’s going to be much more problematic.

I’d try contacting support and just ask them if they’ve had an success with these products.

I think i got my answer after digging some more…

looks like they use a proprietary manufacturer specific profile:
“Legrand ZigBee products are not compatible with others ZigBee ones available on the market because we use “manufacturer specific profile”
For this reason, we cannot use the ZigBee logo in any documents or product. We can only write ZigBeeTM”

too bad. hopefully their future products will be more open…they’d sure get more business that way.

I think it’s still worth contacting support and asking them to contact Legrand and request the api or protocal used. I know they’ve done this with at least one other manufacturer. It’s likely that Legrand will say “Thanks, but no thanks” (assuming they even respond), but it can’t hurt to have SmartThings ask 'em.

Anyone interested in this find out any more information?

I agree, the Legrand switches and outlets are great looking; it’ll be a deal breaker going with them though if there’s no integration with SmartThings (now or in the future).

FWIW, I did message a Legrand engineer who did a great AMA on Reddit last year. I asked him about this topic. I’ll report back here if there’s a worthwhile reply. Link to AMA: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/17u8xz/by_request_i_am_a_light_switch_guy_who_may_have/

I took a different tactic on the Adorne line as the wife and I love them as well.
In our home I’m pairing Adorne paddle switches with aeon micros, and not using any of their RF products.
Aeon G2 switch @ $30 + Adorne white paddle @ $5 = $35, vs Adorne soft tap wireless @ $42
Aeon G2 dimmer @ $36 + Adorne white paddle @ $5 = $41, vs Adorne soft tap wireless @ $75
The adorne paddles can be changed to momentary push buttons if you don’t mind taking them apart.
It takes longer to remove them from their packaging then it does to modify the function.
See: Adorne paddle hack…
The Aeon switch mode can be set to use the momentary contact as well

Hey Mike – I did see your alternative approach before. It looks pretty straight-forward. I would totally do it if I wasn’t about to build a house and use a lot of these switches (really too many for me to do).

BTW, I also plan to contact support about this to see if there is on their roadmap. I’ll report back here.

Try one your self, if you like it then send them to me, for $2 each I’ll do the mod, unless you’ve got like a thousand of them…

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Where do you buy Aeon G2 switch @ $30?

Sorry, actually $28…
here: G2 contractor pack

Thanks, I will keep it in mind if I build a house.

As promised, here’s my question to support and their reply.

My question:

Hi SmartThings friends – I’m an early customer, rare support requestor.
I’m hoping by reaching about about this topic that I can get a definitive
answer. I’m about to build a house and I want to continue using SmartThings
as the whole house hub for automating everything. I’m torn though because
the design for the Legrand Adorne product line is amazing, but the portion
of their line that has Zigbee radios in them doesn’t integrate with
SmartThings. The problem lies in a protocol they built on top of Zigbee
called TopDog (developed by WattStopper, a company Legrand bought).

My question: is there any plans to integrate Legrand Adorne with
SmartThings? Is it even possible (I’m willing to hack on it if someone can
acknowledge that it’s possible).

Other people appear interested too.

Here’s the product line: http://www.legrand.us/adorne.aspx

I also gave them the link to this thread.

Here’s their reply:

Hello Dan,

Thanks for reaching out! We asked this of our hardware dev who had not yet been made aware of the product line/community post. We haven’t looked into it before, so we don’t even have the initial info down on if we can integrate or not (if closed/proprietary system or open source that can be “hacked” into) but I am happy to put it down as a formal features request. Until spoken to by a dev on the thread, or added to our formally supported master list (here: https://docs.google.com/a/smartthings.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AugOGkst4zsvdDRSaU90WWpsMWIya2ZDaVBYbURYSWc&usp=sharing#gid=0) the answer is no, not yet.


SmartThings Support

So no progress in this front I guess?

Adorne Wireless will be able to work with Alexa and IOT in early 2017.

I work for legrand

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So does that mean I’d have to get the adorne hub and tie that in? At the very least I’d have to replace a few switches that I swapped out for adorne a couple years ago. I have 2 bedrooms I want to remodel , including the wiring, so hopefully they’ll be out by then. I also hope the adorne hub isn’t necessary. Already have an ST and a harmony hub, an echo, couple of dots…

This was just announced internally on our last quarterly meeting. I know
nothing more than what was announced internally. And I cannot extend more
than that. If you want, I can keep you in the loop next year when we hear
more about it. (just shoot me an email or keep up on the legrand.us website

I work for the wattstopper division of legrand so I don’t hear much about
our sister companies and what goes on until that time of year every
quarter. It would be nice if it were just a firmware update to the lc hub,
but historically, it would probably be a new hub if internal components had
to be changed. (this is just a guess) so don’t qoute me on it.

I to, am going to look into this next year for my home as well, so this
interests me a lot personally as well.

Ok ,thanks. I don’t have any hub other than smartthings v2 and a harmony hub. I have my fingers crossed that they just make ones that have zigbee or z wave and can connect right to ST.

Any new news on Legrand working with ST. Getting ready to install a number of new switches and really like the look of the Legrand.

Not yet.
All the legrand branches are in chicago for the yearly sales meeting this
will probably hear and announcement about new products and the usual budget
stuff by the end of the month.

Here is a bulletin from our website they put up back in november.