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Left or Right

It seems I picked up a Santa hat today

Ok… I have to ask…

My Santa goes to the right… I’ve noticed some Santa hats go to the left…
Is there any significance or it it random?


my guess… developer vs non-developer

And now it goes to the left…

Have I been promoted or demoted? :slight_smile:

Hmmm… random…

my guess was wrong :slight_smile:

The question is… does it swap sides everytime I post?

Seems that way…

who knows!

Yours doesn’t

You move it to the right after you graduate from Santa school.


Ok dammit! WTH are you all talking about and where’s my Hat?..


If you don’t see it perhaps it’s just a caching deal.

Or maybe the elves are messing with you …

Oh man oh man. I got a hat but I can’t see it! No freaking fair!

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No one had a hat on my screen.

Ho Ho Ho :slight_smile:


I’m a Pastafarian. How do I get the hat replaced?

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Huh? Do i get one too?

Oh hey! There it is!

I believe a dreadlock hat will be available soon
Samsung have promised it will be released with the migration tool.


This question is generally only a concern to men’s tailors.

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