Left it Open app for multi Doors?

I installed the left it open app, even modified it to text two phone rather than just one. I use it for all my external doors. But I have to activate it for every external door even though it does the same thing for all of them. Is there one out there that I can select multi doors with the same thresholds.

You can do this with Rule Machine: Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

I know I can have it monitor multiple doors but right now mine warns me every 10 minuts if the door doesn’t shut. Can rule machine keep polling multiple times.

You can set up a Rule that repeats every 10 minutes. You would need a virtual button to do it. You turn on the virtual switch after a delay, then key the Rule off it turning on. Around and around it goes forever…

Ok that makes sense. Is there way to customize the message to tell what door is opened.

Sure, you could have a Trigger for each door that is fired by the door opening. Then it sends you a custom message. That’s almost independent of the other Rule. This can get complicated, but it’s doable.