Leeo Smart Alert - Integrate non Z-Wave smoke detectors with ST

Leeo Smart Alert listens and can tell when your smoke, CO, or flood alarms are going off and notify you via cell phone app and IFTTT.

I have a bunch of First Alert Interconnect Smoke alarms. When one goes off, they all go off and let you know which one went off first. I really like these as no matter where you are in the house, if one goes off, you know about it right away. They also tell you which room went off which is nice. But I’d also like to know if my alarms are going off when I’m not at home.

Would I be able to use the Leeo Smart Alert, IFTTT, and a Simulated Smoke Alarm in ST to get that to work? I’m not sure if I can use IFTTT to set the value of a Simulated Smoke Alarm in ST?
Basically can I use IFTTT to turn on the Simulated Smoke Alarm so that my SHM goes off and notifies me through ST and can perform some other actions?

I’m thinking it would need a custom app that where a simulated On/Off switch or something can control a Simulated Smoke Alarm (or other such device). That way IFTTT can control the switch, which in turn controls the alarm status.

This app would also be useful for using camera’s as motion detectors. Instead of the simulated switch controlling a simulated smoke alarm it would control a simulated motion sensor.

Anyone want to build such an app? :wink:

It seems like this would be fairly similar to how the in wall relays are programmed.

The Leeo is an unusual device, so it’s easy to get confused about what it actually does. The Leeo doesn’t call their device a relay, and it’s not in that device class. It’s an acoustic sensor.

In the US, the sound made by a smoke sensor in a private residence is set by the US standard. That is all smoke sensors make the same sound. So the Leeo and other similar devices just listen for that specific sound pattern and trigger off of that. That’s why they can work with any smoke sensor and they don’t have to be wired in to the same circuit. (Hence not a relay.)

If you want it to use IFTTT to trigger a report in SmartThings as a smoke sensor, I believe you’d have to use the capability.smokedetector


But you’d be dealing with potential lag of about 15 minutes and depending on your Internet, your power, your SmartThings hub, and the SmartThings cloud to all be working while there was a fire in the house.

It might still have value for some use cases. I’m not sure exactly how that particular capability works, hopefully one of the expert coders will answer.

I’m assuming you want SHM to do something based on its reporting as a smoke sensor, as otherwise you could just go ahead and turn on individual sirens, lights, etc. through IFTTT if you wanted without needing a virtual device.

You can also just have Leeo send a notification directly to your phone, which is what it’s intended for. :sunglasses:

You probably already know this, but for others who might be reading you can have the same event used as the “if” for multiple IFTTT recipes. So it’s the equivalent of an “and” even though IFTTT doesn’t have ands in its recipes. So you could have the Leeo IF trigger your siren, your Hue lights, other smartthings – controlled lights, a notification to you, and your racchio sprinkler system all at the same time. It’s just that you have to set up one recipe for each event.

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This is exactly what I do, your last two comments. I get the alerts on my phones, as LEEO was intended. Then I have IFTTT setup to turn on all my lights at 100% and do a TTS alert with LanAnnouncer if one of the alarms goes off. Obviously the IFTTT could be SLOWER than the alarm being directly connected, but I’ve had very little lag with IFTTT when doing tests, like a few seconds. My connected First Alerts are on Insteon, and they too will send an email that IFTTT will pick up to activate the same thing on ST, again, delayed a bit, but I have enough Insteon lights in my house that either way, the place gets LIT real quick.

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Just wanted to update:
I got this to work. The Leeo Smart Alert triggers an virtual ST Smoke alarm whenever one of my non Z-wave smoke alarms go off.

I used the Universal Virtual Device Type Handler that I modified to add smoke and flood sensor capabilities to it.

I then configured that device to be a smoke alarm and called it Alarm Leeo Smoke.

Then I set up an IFTTT recipe that if my Leeo Smart Alert alarms (the real device), turn on my virtual Alarm Leeo Smoke device in ST.

ST recognizes my virtual Alarm Leeo Smoke device as a smoke alarm so works with SHM.

Because Leeo notifies IFTTT directly, not via email, this is practically instantaneous, no delay.


Do you have the modified uDTH code by chance?

Edit: Smoke Detector, couldn’t figure the right wording. I think I got it!

I lied, I have no idea what I’m doing to modify this thing. @Scott_Barton could you lend me a hand here?

I just posted the code here.


Thanks guys! I just set this up using the Cleverloop Smokey app on an old iPhone. It sends an email to me immediately with the label “SMOKE DETECTOR SIREN ACTIVATED”. I then have IFTTT pick up my gmail with that label and it then turns on my Smoke CO2 Alarm (UVDTH code used above) that connects into the Smartthings Smoke Alert. It’s a bit convoluted, but it works. Testing it today has shown that this results in a 15-30 second delay, which is okay for me to set flashing lights and turn on other lights. Again, thanks.

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This thread was very helpful. I did it slightly differently.
I set up two virtual switches in ST, one dedicated to Leeo CO detection, another for Leeo smoke detection.
I then used IFTTT to connect Leeo to ST.
If Leeo detects smoke, then turn the ST virtual Leeo CO switch on, if smoke, turn the virtual Leeo smoke switch on.
I then set up some CorePiston rules to do things based on that – unlock the front door, etc.
I also set up CorePiston rules to flip the virtual Leeo switches back to off if they stay on for more than a certain amount of time (effectively “clears” the Leeo switches) and relock the front door, …

Throwing this out to.This group si nice you are.All impacted by the recent Leeo announcement of service stoppage on Sep 30 of they don’t find a buyer. Any ideas of a potential replacement for this device to get notified with standard fire alarms?

Updated to include the option @MarkTr notes below

There are three current options:

  1. Ecolink Firefighter. A zwave device that is on the official “works with smartthings“ list, so integration is easy. Requires a smartthings hub. You would use SmartThings to send any notifications.
  1. Amazon Echo Guard (free with Echo for most models) If you already own an Echo, you can use the free Guard service which does pretty much the same thing as Leeo. Listens for the standard pattern, notifies you if it hears the smoke detector go off. It can also detect glass breaking. Works with the Echo Dot as well as more expensive models. And if you use it with the new Echo Show 5, you can also “drop in” on the unit’s camera to see what’s going on. :sunglasses:

The bad news is it has a bright blinking light for the entire time it’s listening, which can be pretty annoying. So most people only use it when they are out of the house.

The other bad news is I don’t know of any way to integrate it with smartthings If you were looking for that as well.

If you don’t already have an Echo, they go on sale pretty often. For Labor Day 2019, the Echo Dot (no camera) is on sale for $30 and the one with a camera is at the regular price of $90.

  1. Kidde RemoteLync. This acoustic Sensor from one of the biggest smoke alarm companies predates Leeo. Not as pretty, but does the job. Send its own notifications via internet so you don’t need to have a hub with it. Integration with smartthings through IFTTT, just like Leeo. Typically sells for around $70. Most Home Depot stores will carry it.

This works but a lot of reviews will say it doesn’t because to set it up your phone must be on 2.4 ghz WiFi, not 5.0. And these days, a lot of dual band routers force android phones to 5.0, and some don’t even offer a choice. :scream:


Similar Z-wave option:


Thanks for the info guys. I stumbled across this post while looking at other things on the community. I never receive a notification from Leeo about their impending shutdown, nor did my co-worker who also has one. Very disappointing. The Ecolink looks like the perfect replacement however since it integrates directly with SmartThings!


Hi, can I see the Leeo announcement of service stoppage ?

Wow that is a lot of great info thank you. I will see if I like the echo first as I have several and of not will check out the others.

   Here is a copy/paste

August 28, 2019

Via electronic mail

Dear Leeo Customer

Our apologies for the impersonal nature of this email, and most especially for the news it contains.

Leeo is running out of money. It takes money to run the Smart Alert network. Except for our ‘loud noise’ feature subscribers, the network has been operated and maintained by the company at no cost to Smart Alert customers.

We are seeking a buyer for our assets, and as part of that process hope to find a buyer who will keep the Smart Alert network up and running. If we find such a buyer, your service may continue and if it does, it will be according to new terms of service set by the new owner.

If we cannot find a buyer with an interest in maintaining the Smart Alert network, we will have no choice but to shut the Smart Alert network down as we wind down the operations of the company.

Just in case we don’t succeed in finding a buyer, this will serve as advance notice of the possible shutdown of the Smart Alert network.

Presently we expect to have enough money to continue to run the Smart Alert network through September 30, 2019. We plan to send another update to you before September 30, 2019.

Unfortunately, if the Smart Alert Network is shut down, your Leeo Smart Alert will no longer function with the iOS/Android app. The apps must have the network to function. We expect the color of your Smart Alert to turn white. You will still be able to physically adjust the light level via the ring on the device. But you will not receive alerts on your phone, and you will not be able to control the device with your phone as the apps will no longer be networked to your device.

We are grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to serve you and are glad we could help keep you and those you care about more safe and secure.

Because safety is important, we want you to prepare for the possibility of a shutdown. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at support@leeo.com and we’ll do our best to reply.

Thank you for your support over these past five years.

Johnson and Jon

CEO and Chairman

             Johnson Agogbua                                                

              Jon Castor

cc: Jessica G. McKinlay, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Copyright © 2019 Leeo, Inc. All rights reserved.


I just got the email too, a little delayed.

Surprising still can’t enable this via Alexa app Routines even. You have to say “Alexa I’m leaving” or manually turn it on in the Alexa app devices screen.

I sent a reply to the Leeo support email asking them if they could open the device somehow (add simple API via firmware update before they shutdown) so it isn’t dependent on their network/app. I have two of these and set the color to indicate my ST mode/SHM. Goes from green to amber every morning when I walk downstairs to indicate mode change from armed/home/sleeping to disarmed/home


I’d love to see a Zigbee hack for this device but for now I’m going to a WYze Cam:

1080, night vision, notification can be set to include smoke and co alarm sounds.
For $25 and no monthlies I don’t see how it can be beat and it sure has a lot of good reviews when compared to the above Dlink/Kidde devices.