LEDVANCE SMART+ Wifi integration issue

Hi all,
Anyone else experiencing server issue error with the LEDVANCE SMART+ Wifi integration in Smartthings app? Manual controll of devices from within the ST app and automations is not working at all. Controlling the same devices with the LEDVANCE app works fine.

The error message popping up is: A network or server error occurred. Please try again later.
Started yesterday.

try the following:

go to Menu > Settings > Linked services
do not click Edit. Simply click on the name of the integration. a new screen will pop up displaying the devices for that Linked service… click Done.

wait a minute and check if the devices work.

Hi there.

Yes i did try that multiple time with no luck.
I however did delete the integration, and was trying to add it again, and i’ve got the error message in the app saying that “The account could not be added. Close the browser and return to the Smartthings App”

at this point, you should contact LEDVANCE and ST support.

LEDVANCE owns and maintains the cloud to cloud integration to ST.

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Yes, i will do it. Thanks for sharing thoughts.