Leds glowing at around 5% when off

(David Jacobs) #1

Had a battle with the Fibaro dimmer 2 couldnt get any joy using it with the ST found device which I believe is a generic Z Wave dimmer so I changed it for the Hajar97 Hajar97 device and amazingly it started working (I’m new to this), unfortunately with it off I still get a glow of around 5%. The led’s are supposedly 7w and theres a dozen of them so I cant see the problem is in too low power. Any assistance very much appreciated.

(Rick S) #2

Hi David,

I had the same thing happen to me and it ended up being the programmable switch I was using. Changed it out to a GE Smart Switch and the problem went away

Good luck with your quest

(Daniel Milroy) #3

Hi Davidj,

I have a couple of Cree Connected bulbs bahaving the same way. I have not been able to remedy this situation.
The switch is not a connected switch, just a simple single pull switch.


(Rick S) #4


Mine wasn’t a connected switch either. It had a sunset/sunrise timer built in but that’s it, no dimmer, not smart… Once I changed it out, the bulbs stopped glowing when off.

Good luck

(David Jacobs) #5

I’ve taken the switch out of the circuit. I still get same so it’s not the switch, which is a very basic on off one anyway.