LED lighting chase controller

I am probably the only idiot here that wants something like this but does anyone have any pointers as to where i might find a single colour LED chase controller DC 12v ?

I recently got told i had to fit 100 ft of single white LEDs ( the led on a wire type) to the ceiling, they fade and blink which is all pretty boring, would be a bit fancy if they had a chase affect, not sure if it is possible for a start and also it would be even better if i could get some control via St, at the mo they are just the standard credit card IR remote type

If any of you peeps have any experience of chase control it would be great to hear from you

Each LED or group of LEDs would have to be addressable and controlled by a processor. The only way that you are going to get that is if you purchase something like that.

MIke where have you put these?!?

This almost looks like a lounge

  • Andy-

Or … my lounge now looks like a fairground. Yes i am very aware. Mrs Mike has a thing for led lights… and luckily for me another set of 300 leds are currently on route from China for the other end of the lounge… oh yayy :sob:

On the upside, the light produced when on full is very even :high_brightness:

Ok… let’s have a think about this…
To be able to get a ‘chase’ effect you would need a couple of different channels with a set of leds connected to each channel…

Then you would need to change these channels one after another (fairly quickly) to get the moving affect…

Does this sound like you could use the 4 channels on a Fibaro RGBW and switch then on/off in a fairly quick sequence

You would need to offset 4 strings of leds by one led each time (if you see what I mean) so that the second channel would be one led away from the 1st channel

I wonder if that would work and if you could get someone to write an app to run the fibaro that way? :slight_smile:

Stop thinking Andy, i informed my client it was not possible. :grin:

I am so very glad u dont know my Mrs, what with her fascination for leds and your skills at programming i would end up living in a Vegas strip !

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Where in the UK are you?
Perhaps I could pop round and give some advice directly to your client


I been trying to do that for years Andy… trust me my (client) knows everything already and even has the capability to finish sentences your brain has yet to formulate !! Its quite incredible really :fearful:

I have a t shirt that says

“I don’t need google… my wife knows everything”

Amd she bought it for me!

Forgot to mention…

For ST control of devices with an ir remote, have a look at the logitec harmony hub

I have been resisting the need for a Harmony on the grounds of it feels kind of going backwards in terms of technology but i also know that i still have a lot of IR only devices, the fairground lights currently have on off via a smart plug but my biggest bug bear is the damn Xbox, the mega machine that is Microsoft still dont allow any control be it IFTTT, Lan or wifi control, that annoys me sooo much