Leaksmart Sensors - quit working - 6 of them within 2 hours of each other

I have 6 LeakSmart sensors. 3 days ago (Dec. 22) they ALL went inactive within 2 hours of each other. Before I start stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what to do, I thought I would ask here… Any Thoughts? Thanks? Ginny

Hi @jgirvine,

Aren’t those zigbee? if so, have you seen this discussion?

umm. yes, they are zigbee, but all my other “things” that are zigbee show fine… I will open a ticket…

Have you tried replacing the batteries? Especially with the colder temps harsh effects on older batteries that dont have much life to them left.

Thanks for the idea, but I had changed all six about 4 weeks ago…and in the past when batteries died it was not all six sensors within 3 hours of each other…

yes, that does seem rather strange that all 6 in a short amount of time stopped working. When you disconnect/remove the battery and replace there is no led activity? try a good/new pencil eraser and rub the battery contacts where the battery terminals touch.

I have 8 in service and today spilled water managed to reach one which triggered a siren via a core piston.

Have you emailed support with your issue? If not, PLEASE email them with your problem and reference my ticket #286581. It’s very important that ST knows of as many people as possible with this issue.


I did email support this morning…the six would all be considered in the middle of my mesh…no way on the fringe. I will move one about 5 feet from the hub to see what happen.

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No, did not know that, but still believe my mesh should be good. I live in a 1300 Sq foot single story condo…the water sensors that went out would be washer, hot water heater, dishwasher, both bathroom sinks…so evenly scattered in the condo. I would need to go count sensors…but a bunch…

Just heard back from Smart Things support…they passed the buck…said not a supported device…

Horse poop… They took the easy route with you.

How long have you had those sensors?

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About the first of August

Ok, got them back to working. I removed the batteries from the ST Hub and that did not work. Next step try a battery pull on the sensors… that did it… so YEAH, easy fix. Still scratching by head why all 6 quit at the same time.

The zigbee firmware was updated in the hub itself, so that it is now broadcasting once a day that it can do OTA updates.

That can affect any zigbee device on your network if it tries to respond to that “announcement.”

The SmartThings hub will only actually try to send a firmware update for a couple of the smartthings – branded devices.

But there were multiple issues associated with the recent update. Not for all customers, but different ones hit different things.

In some cases, the end devices appear to be waiting for a second message from the hub, like “no, I don’t have anything for you” and they are not getting that, and they are getting confused and remain in a “waiting for update” status which makes them unusable for anything else.

And still other cases, receiving the announcement is causing the end device to turn onto full power even though all it received was the announcement that the hub could do over the air updates. These are the ones where people are reporting seeing a zigbee bulb come on once a day. For this situation and the previous one , just turning off OTA updates in your account should help, since it appears to be the daily broadcast message which is creating confusion in the end device.

In other cases, it appears that the hub update itself may not have completed successfully.

And in still other cases a device which was supposed to receive an individual update, like a SmartThings multisensor, for some reason it’s stuck in update purgatory and never completes the update.

These third and fourth situations don’t currently have a fix. Usually rebooting either the hub or the device will temporarily fix the problem, but it comes back again.

In the case of the leak sensor, it’s probably the first issue.