Leaksmart Looking for Beta testers

No guarantees, but it can’t hurt to apply .


Done…thanks for the heads-up.

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Same…registered, we’ll see what comes of it. I actually was about to start doing a little research on these types of products, so good timing.

I guess I shouldn’t tell them I already have one installed on the water heater (got a deal on a 0.75"). I would like one on my boiler and Main. (need 1.00")

I was interested but my main pipes are outside :frowning:

I told them I had an old one . and would be happy to test the newer model .

Have 0.75" on main right after meter, would like 0.50 so I can only shut off 1/2 the house

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What has been a typical cost to get one installed? My shutoff is behind my water heater and only has a short run up from the floor before it splits off to various parts of the house.

The beta test will pay ( reimburse ) up to $250 for installation. I spent about $20 on the fittings to install the one I have myself.

Only need about 6 inches to install the valve

Currently have one and registered anyway. We shall see. This would make the 4th or 5th beta test i’ve done through them.

Got all the way through the sign up until it asked for the diameter of the pipe. Hopefully it won’t fill up before I can get home to measure :\

You’ll have time…they have to assemble a group from applicants that match their target market - they’ll want to wait long enough to get a good population to choose from.

Is it a requirement to use a plumber? Or can you do it yourself? Or do they decide?

I believe the wording in the application says that you have to be willing to have a plumber come over and install it.

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I didn’t sign up for the Leak Smart device… but I did take a look at the home camera device. My tinfoil hat box started to open up when I started filling out the form for the DIY home camera. It asked for quite a bit of non-relevant information – almost felt a bit spammy/phishy.

They do tend to ask a lot of strange questions for some tests. I think it is more for making sure they get a good cross section of people in the test. I’ve never gotten any spam from them

Well good… I’ll convince my hat box to go back under the bed then :slight_smile:

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