Latest ST App will not allow Location from iPhone to be enabled

Got the latest ST App for iOS yesterday on a iPhone SE 2nd edition and everything is working fine apart from I cannot enable the “Get your location from this phone”. I have enabled to ‘Always’ allow ST to access Location in the iOS settings for the app. But when I go back into the app, turn on the toggle to use the iPhone for Location, it turns itself off after 2 seconds. This did not happen in the previous App, so something related to the new app version. Any ideas on how to fix?

Uninstall/reinstall the app

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If uninstall /reinstalling doesn’t fix it, next step is to make sure your location detection is turned off on your phone then go into the IDE and delete the presence device that refers to your phone. Then start the apo abd try to re enable it.

BTW, you will likely have to edit/re-enable any automations that used presence after you get it working again

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Thanks… jkp and nathancu… I reinstalled the app and also deleted the iPhone mobile presence sensor in the IDE. The reinstalled app made a new iPhone device in the IDE with a ‘placeholder’ device type. I then went into webcore to edit the pistons that were using the old iPhone mobile presence and change them to the newly created one, however, in doing that, the piston I was edited seems to haven’t gotten corrupt. I cannot access ST app>webcore>settings>clean cache and rebuild data, not can I delete the piston from the IDE > smart apps > edit as it throws a message that the IDE failed to delete the smartapp. When I go back into the mobile app and access webcore the dashboard is slow to load and I cannot access settings at all in there. I have rebooted the iPhone, deleted and reinstalled the app, used various browsers with cleared caches but still cannot find a way to either delete the rouge piston or somehow make webcore run smoothly like before. Any ideas please folks?

You may want to try again with webcore. ST was having some issues that now appear to be resolved. It is possible it was causing issues with webcore during the period you were trying to make changes.

I was able to delete the piston this morning, but I woke up to 2 issues, one in the IDE and one in webcore. In the IDE when I tried to delete the new iPhone device I got the following error message, any ideas on how to resolve please?

Hibernate operation: could not delete: []; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [delete from event_subscription where id=? and version=?]; SQL state [25S03]; error code [0]; (conn=2422453) Communications link failure with primary host Connection timed out; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: (conn=2422453) Communications link failure with primary host Connection timed out

I had the similar error when I went to delete my previous presence sensor on Friday. When I refreshed the page, it had been removed after all.

Hard to tell you what to do with the on-going issues on the ST platform at this time.