Latest platform changes broke everything

(Larry) #1

Garage doors not opening, mode not changing to home. Etc. Everything broken since yesterday.

UPDATE: Recent SmartThings User Experience & Platform Performance
(Matt) #2

mine was running great after the update then today has been well shit. One big thing I notice is state in the IOS app is always off unless I completely kill and reopen it.

(Larry) #3

My guess is they backed out those changes and now the back end cannot keep up again.

(Rodrigo Cuadros) #4

Sorry guys, mine is back to life… No headless rules, everything reporting correctly (even aeon light bulbs!), no rebooting hub, and so on.

(Jeremy Phillips) #5

shit just shit

(Matt) #6

I said that earlier too. Once I did mine started acting up. You are now cursed

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

Yup… Simple sunset schedule in Smart Light failed to execute. Guess the new scheduler isn’t infallible.

(Stuart Buchanan) #8

Im having a few wonky issues too. Just trying to tie them down

(Brian) #9

I had to reset a bunch of things once. They have run perfectly since.

(Bobby) #10

Here is what puzzles me, and where I think transparency is important but absent. According to @slagle the scheduler changes affected only the cloud based apps. Not once were we told that hub scheduler has problems or that any changes were made. My hub scheduler has been working fairly well, but once in a while it fails. Why that is, is anyone’s best guess, because no one took the time to explain. So we are left to speculate what fails, when, and why…

(Ron S) #11

This has been going on for weeks now for me.

(Matt) #12

I just noticed. I installed an app from the market place and it doesn’t show up under my apps but I can get to it if I go thru an associated DH

(Bobby) #13

Yeah, things are messed up left and right, is it because of the announced updates from 4/13 & 4/14? Maybe, who knows? I don’t believe Tim knows everything that gets deployed. But I do know, that they will continue to make changes in the upcoming days, weeks, months, so I don’t believe we will see stability anytime soon, until they stop making changes. Hopefully, we soon be aware of what to expect at minimum on weekly basis, but I won’t hold my breath over it, as @bravenel likes to say…

(Larry) #14

For bad to.worse …the unusable today in android… back to network issues or an unexpected error or just app crashes. Cannot edit devices or rooms.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #15

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you for sharing that observation!!! :clap:

We’ve been having this reported by a few SmartTiles over the past few days (and I’ve observed it sometimes in my own tests, but @625alex and @slagle just thought I was crazy…).

OK… Just kidding about that last part. @slagle’s been helpful but we haven’t pinned down a reproducible case.

Until your post, I feared this was only a SmartTiles problem (we made unavoidable minor changes this week), but figured something non-SmartTiles specific must (also?) be going on… And I think there is… Right? Tell me I’m not crazy! :scream:

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #16

Same here. Can’t even see my devices in the apps.

I haven’t been active with ST for some time now, and although I haven’t quite unplugged it yet, I am just letting it sit there and be all but completely useless hoping they pull it together.

If I listened to some here, complaining and pointing out issues isn’t appreciated. :confused: I should just be happy, because instead of having paid for smartthings there are much worse things like prison rape… so since there are worse things out there… I have no place complaining.

(Tim Slagle) #17

I actually do :slight_smile:

While I wish it was that case that we could just stop working and everything would fix itself, that just not how things work. We have to work and fix code for things to get better. It’s the only way.

(Matt) #18

My app that causes it is Keep Me Cozy II A ST built in app even

(Bobby) #19

Ok, if you really do, how come you didn’t inform us that alert lights with color in custom SHM was deprecated (or temporary removed for whatever reason)? It was a functional feature. I didn’t see it mentioned in any of the platform updates. These are the kind of changes I was referring to, not regular maintenance type of changes and certainly not additions. I do hope that we will reach a point when unexpected removal of working features will stop, or at least we would be alerted in advance.

(Tim Slagle) #20

I’m gonna work with the SHM PM to get me release notes for SHM. I was mostly talking about platform side changes. Also gonna make sure this is added back unless we had a VERY good reason for removing it.