Latest GD-00Z story

(Scott Mac Leod) #1

Got it installed and paired. And that is about it. Used garyd9’s 23 Jan rev for the code. Shows up fine in the app device list, and is on the device list in graph.api.smartthings with a network ID number. When I go to the logs for that device, there is only one entry:

Date Source Type Name Value User Displayed Text
2015-02-16 12:06:55.187 PM CST
30 minutes ago DEVICE ALERT secureInclusion failed This device failed to complete the netwo…

So what am I doing wrong? How do i get control of the opener via ST?

(Gary D) #2

It didn’t pair properly. You’ll need to exclude and re-pair it. I’d suggest either bringing the hub into your garage, or the GD00Z unit to your hub. They might need to be close for the secure inclusion to work properly.

(Scott Mac Leod) #3

Gary, they literally were right next to each other on a workbench! But I figured I was going to have to do what you suggested.

Quick ? - can I pair it before I create the new device from the published device types?

(Gary D) #4

I don’t understand the question. There’s a “default” “z-wave garage door opener” that will be used if you don’t have a custom garage door opener device type… is that what you mean?