Latest Android app broke most multi attribute tiles

See title. All my custom device handlers and others with multi attribute broke with latest app, secondary description missing. Restored previous version works fine. Anyone else seeing this.

Define “broke” and do you have an example device? So far all my custom DTH and stock one seem to be working ok.

Which app are you referring to? The SmartThings Classic or the Samsung Connect app, which is not yet in use?

The new app is in use for the following categories of customers:

Anyone who has a Samsung Connect Home WiFi router.

Anyone who has the newest Samsung phone (the app release was timed for the release of that phone and the newest app is pre-installed on it)

Anyone who has the previous release of a Samsung phone and had auto update initiated for the Samsung connect app

And a few other people who had android phones, the Samsung connect app, and auto update enabled.

The app came out of beta testing and was put into release in both the Google play store and the iOS App Store this week. It’s definitely in use for some customers. Not for most of the people who have been active posters in this forum, because they are existing customers who have the V2 hub, but some of the active forum members who had the Samsung connect home or had one of the new Samsung phones will be using the new app.

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Aeon home energy, also another energy reporting outlet. My device for smart alarm, qubino blweather station. Etc.

And to the other question it us obviously the old APo, pl new app doesnt have tiles as far as I know.

And by broke just as I described. Secondary attribute missing on bottom left of multi attribute tiles.

All the following are missing the bottom secondary attribute in new app. Just restoring old app via titanium backup did not fix it . Had to uninstall then restore old app and data.

No response from support. Terrible support . Here are the same screen shots in new app . Notice the missing secondary attribute text . It appears to only be broken when the tiles are the default device on the room.