Laser cutting a wall mount?

I’ve got a new 100 watt laser cutter in transit. One of the first things I want to do when it comes is cut out a wall mount for a Nexus 7 or Amazon Fire tablet. Has anyone cut one out with a laser? I was just wondering if someone already had a cut file available. I’m still trying to learn the design software so I don’t want to make something that looks bad to put on my wall. I haven’t decided if I am going to use acrylic or MDF.


The following threads might be of interest. I’d try asking your question again in the first one:


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I used Masonite for mine. I did not use a laser cutter though. You can see mine in the link above, from the smarttiles Link.


I’ve been using laser cutters in various work-related projects for a couple years now. My big thought for the application you’re taking about is that acrylic will accumulate finger prints very quickly, even if it’s just a decorative frame. Thin (1/8-ish inch) wood on the other hand has a much nicer appearance and texture, particularly on the cut edges where some of the burning shows through. As for CAD files, Google “laser cut box maker” and you’ll find a bunch of web sites that have online widgets to help you make a nice rectangular box housing. Just remove material from the front panel and you’ll have access to the touch screen. Good luck and be sure to post pictures of the project when it’s done!

Yeah I didn’t think about the acrylic and fingerprints. I was thinking about MDF and a nice veneer. Thanks for the info about the box maker.