Lannouncer does not appear as a controllable device in "Smart Lighting" app

I’m using the “Smart Lighting” (classic) app as a door chime. Several piezo buzzers chime when it senses a door opened. I noticed that Lannouncer has a great “tone” that that would be perfect for this. This runs on all the tablets at the doors so the placement is great. I have the “speakers” showing up as a device in SmartThings. It works fine as a siren with SHM. I just can’t get Smart Lighting to “see” the speaker. Any clue what I might be doing wrong?

Smart Lighting must have been updated to use only the audioNotification capacity and not the mediaPlayer anymore.
@Brad_ST, might can confirm this.
Is it possible that the mediaPlayer devices are not recognized anymore by Smart Lighting?
UPDATE: Never mind… I misunderstood the OP’s comment. Smart Lighting hasn’t got a feature like that whatI though it was meant to ask. Sorry to bother.

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I haven’t used LANnouncer for a while. It always used to have alarm, tone, notification and speech synthesis capabilities. It could play media but only via codes in the speech text.

Must admit I didn’t realise Smart Lighting could activate anything but switches and scenes anyway, but then I don’t have any media player devices so I wouldn’t notice.

It is good that you mentioned I looked at it again. It doesn’t have any option like that.
@John_Munoz, I misunderstood your problem. Of course LANnouncer cannot be used as a speaker from the Smart Lighting. It is for lights and switches to turn on/off things. What you want is available from the new app’s Automations or you can get BigTalker 2 and set up many clever announcements.