Landscape lighting/irrigation controller?

25 years ago I did a 24 station irrigation system for a contractor. I had 16 stations set for irrigation and 7 for low voltage lighting. I ran 7 24vac relays. 6 were for 12vdc circuits for the lights and 1 for a 110vac transformer that was 500’ down the driveway. All lighting circuits had manual switches in the house if owner wanted manual control.
New landscapers have changed the dated controller that would run 8 stations at once to a controller that will now only run 2 for only 2hrs at a time.
I asking if anyone knows of a controller that will run 6 stations all at once for at least 8 hrs (120vac input and 24vac output). I would like to run the relays I have in place to prevent completely redoing the whole wiring and tearing out walls to get to all of it.
Thanks for the help