LANdroid/LANnouncer question

I finally got this to work to the point where audio is output from the android tablet, but can’t get it sent to my Echo. I have paired with Echo with no problem, but can’t figure out how to get the audio to the Echo. I know zip about Androiid devices.

Only way to get audio over to Amazon Echo is Bluetooth.

Yes, I understand that and have paired the Echo with my tablet. Problem is the app is pushing the audio out of the tablet’s speaker, not the Echo.

Interesting. I (the author) haven’t had that problem. Are you able to play music over the echo from your tablet?

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No, music doesn’t work either. Problem is I don’t know how to tell the app which output device to use.

Are you teething it right away? As soon as you connect the Bluetooth? The problem I had was keeping the Bluetooth connection active. I was using a cheap android phone. I found it much better just to directly connect the phone to a dot instead of the echo.

… now it died completely. ST is no lomger talking toLANnouncer. Restarted both, but no joy.

When you restarted the tablet, did it get assinged another IP address? In it’s settings on the things page you can change to the new IP address if it did change. I ended up assigning a fixed IP to my tablet running LANnouncer.

He couldn’t even play regular music from the tablet over to echo via Bluetooth so there’s no point in LANnoucer setup just yet until the Bluetooth tethering is sorted out.