"LAN" requirements for hubAction

I’ve spent hours debugging this, and now I realize I need some fundamental help.

I’m building an SmartApp that needs to GET and POST to a server that is on the same internal network, but isn’t on the same subnet as the SmartHub. My calls to “hubAction” work ok when I’m referencing a server that is on the same subnet, but this same command doesn’t work when simply changing the server address to one that isn’t on the same subnet. So, some specific questions:

  1. does hubAction (and sendHubCommand) require the target for a GET or POST to be on the same subnet as the hub itself?
  2. If yes, are there any hacks around this?

I’m not about to go through the hassle of exposing my server to the internet, which from what I can tell is required to have httpPOST/httpGET work appropriately…

thank you

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