Lack of feature (Managing users access)

Hi, I see that adding more user to have access to the SmartThings is great, but it missing some important feature.

The user have too much control. User can remove, add and edit things. We should able to restrict user what they can do.

The user have too much access. If we have multiple location, the user also have access and control to these location. We should able to limit what the user can see and do.

Please let me know if we can add the user present if the SmartThings without them need to access to the app. Thank you


This has been discussed so so many times, its probably why services like ActionTiles were invented.

Sadly I think SmartThings are relying on ActionTiles to fill this gap (something they do very well) as they are concentrating on stability at the moment (and have been for some time).

I think ST thought about this a while back and had a feature called “Contacts” which would let you send messages to certain users for certain actions, but its been buried since - to the point where it needs to be activated with doing some IDE work and loading pages which arent linked anywhere. (At least thats how i understand it).

I dont think they are going to do anything about it for a while, and they rarely take any notice of their community. The best you can do is send in a request to the support to add this feature and I’m sure it’ll be added to some internal list of requested features.



We don’t necessarily think that is sad :wink: as it is one bit more of incentive for a SmartThings customer to consider purchasing our vaiue-add app.

Seriously, of course, with any extensible Platform (like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac…) there is always going to be a neutral zone where it the platform manufacturer has to decide what features are fundamental and obviously should be included or whether these are best handled via partner “Apps”. Should a basic calculator come free with Android; sure! Should it be a specialized scientific, financial, skinnable App… Probably not; let the market develop and compete with variety, quality, and customer support.

I totally agree that It’s certainly not unreasonable to expect somewhat more granular security in the base SmartThings App. That would push us to find the next desired and valuable features in this regard (such as our PIN Protected Tiles option).

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