Labor Day 2016 IDevices 20%

Use LABORDAY20 for 20% off anything at the idevices site. These are HomeKit – certified Bluetooth pocket sockets. They don’t integrate directly with SmartThings, but they do work with Echo, which means you could include them with ST devices in Echo groups. The outdoor pocket socket is particularly well engineered, although it’s expensive.

They have a “foundation set” which is two indoor pocket sockets and the outdoor one. Usually $189, currently on sale for $159, and the Labor Day sale applies on top of that so it ends up being $128.

I know not everyone will be interested in these, but some people may find them useful. :sunglasses:


I am interested in these for dipual use in HomeKit and st. I assume it’s lack of developer interest in integrating these rather than a technical issue…but I’ve been wrong before.

As far as I know, the only devices that currently can work with both HomeKit and SmartThings are the Phillips hue bridge and the iHome pocket socket. (edited to add the Ecobee thermostat as @ehoffman73 mentions below. :sunglasses:)

Ecobee works too.

Keeping looking as routines now don’t run, can’t keep signed in to app, and all the other inexplicable failures others are mentioning.

As you say, when it works, its great. But they can’t stop shooting themselves in both feet.

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