Kwikset Zwave Works Intermittently

(Daniel Martinez) #1

When someone unlocks the lock with a code, sometime I get a notification:
FrontDoor was unlocked with code 2

However, this notification comes only intermittently. More often than not, it does not work.

I tried to repair the Zwave network, but I get these messages:
Z-Wave network repair finished
Network repair for Power Outlet [05]: Failed to update route
Network repair for FrontDoor [02]: Failed to update route
Network repair for Power Outlet [05]: Failed to update mesh info
Z-Wave network repair started

I have a kwikset 910. A GE power outlet in between the hub and the lock. The distance is about 15 feet between each.

(Morgan) #2

Has it worked and then just started not working? I’ve found with my Kwikset, I have to change the batteries pretty frequently. Even, if it reports at 40 or 50%, I have to change them otherwise it is intermittent communicating with the hub.

(Daniel Martinez) #3

It has worked more frequently in the past. The battery meter says that it is at 80%.

(Jen S) #4

I’m having the exact same issue. A lock that worked flawlessly with my older Vera 2 will not heal properly via Network Repair and never refreshes its status via ST. It paired fine and worked/reported for a week but then started behaving strangely and not updating or locking on command. There are two GE switches within a foot of the lock, and the hub is less than 8 feet away. Batteries are a week old.
It’s a puzzle.