Kwikset Mis-Match!?


(Dan Shannon) #1

So, I have installed and paired my Kwikset 914 z-wave lock with my ST. When I look at devices in the IDE, it is showing:

KwikSet SmartCode 910 Contemporary Deadbolt Door Lock Device
fw: 3.37
MSR: 0090-0001-0001


It does indeed seem that this identifier is incorrect…

Did Amazon ship me a Kwikset 914 with Kwikset 910 innards?

[This is the one I ordered and the box and manual etc say so!]

I having issues with Lock Manager managing codes, etc, so am trying to debug…

(The Google is not providing me any leads, either).

Many thanks!!!

( - Make your home your butler!) #2

the MSR is the key identifier, the 0001 model code represents a generic model identifier. the OEM 914 has a 0436 model identifier but again it differs from reseller to reseller depending on the channel they bought it from.

(Dan Shannon) #3

Thanks RBoy. So that makes sense. I wonder if there is a way to change
the model identifier? no big deal, I have Lock Manager working! I used
the “z-wave with reporting” handler instead of the “z-wave lock with codes”.