Kwikset Mis-Match!?

So, I have installed and paired my Kwikset 914 z-wave lock with my ST. When I look at devices in the IDE, it is showing:

KwikSet SmartCode 910 Contemporary Deadbolt Door Lock Device
fw: 3.37
MSR: 0090-0001-0001


It does indeed seem that this identifier is incorrect…

Did Amazon ship me a Kwikset 914 with Kwikset 910 innards?

[This is the one I ordered and the box and manual etc say so!]

I having issues with Lock Manager managing codes, etc, so am trying to debug…

(The Google is not providing me any leads, either).

Many thanks!!!

the MSR is the key identifier, the 0001 model code represents a generic model identifier. the OEM 914 has a 0436 model identifier but again it differs from reseller to reseller depending on the channel they bought it from.

Thanks RBoy. So that makes sense. I wonder if there is a way to change
the model identifier? no big deal, I have Lock Manager working! I used
the “z-wave with reporting” handler instead of the “z-wave lock with codes”.