Kwikset Door handle/lock

@Amy what is the model# of the lock? It depends if it is a ZigBee HA 1.2 lock or a proprietary Contol4 ZigBee lock

@Amy, My Kwikset Home Connect locks are Control4 models. At least, they were purchased from Control4. The Zigbee “RF daughter cards” appear to be standard Black and Decker (yes, they make the modules) Zigbee modules. I ended up purchasing a ZWave module from an eBay seller. I had problems and he wasn’t much help and I ended up contacting another seller who was very helpful and didn’t mind that I had bought it from someone else. He helped me determine that the card was bad. The original seller replaced it.

The replacement card worked. At least my SmartThings hub paired with it. However, it never actually was able to control the lock and then the SmartThings hub didn’t seem to be able to talk to it. I tried to unpair them; but I was unable to do that. I’m fairly confident it would work if I spent more time on the problem and contacted SmartThings technical support. I pretty much gave up on using the locks with my SmartThings system.

The original seller I dealt with sells them for about $48. They are taken out of working locks. I assume he then sells the locks without them to people who don’t plan on integrating them into their home automation system.

The helpful seller was smarthomesd. His name is Blake. He explained quite a bit and sent me links to the instruction sheet for the module and also a Youtube video. He even gave me his phone number.

The module model numbers are:

Zigbee: FCC ID: NUL5024093ZGB (Wireless Lock Module 5024093)
ZWave: FCC ID: NUL5024095ZWV (Wireless Lock Module 5024095)

If I can be of any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

About a year ago, I pretty much gave up on SmartThings. My hub needed rebooting a lot. Devices it had paired with were shown as not being connected. I didn’t have the time to mess with it anymore. And I’m fairly technical and have worked in the home automation industry in the past. Maybe your question will cause me to revisit SmartThings.

I do have a ZWave light switch and it works perfectly.

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@urman Thanks so much! I haven’t figured out the exact model number yet, but I am 99% sure it’s a Control4 proprietary zigbee. Bummer. I’ll figure out the model number today.

@donmesserli Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply — I didn’t think i had any hope of reaching you given how much time had passed, but I really appreciate that you took the time to share your experience! We’re moving from the house where our current (control4) locks are installed, so I might just see about moving the SmartThings hub I bought to the new house and starting fresh. I’d hoped to try out the SmartThings system at my current house and then move it over when the time came – your experience might inspire me just to move it straight to our new place. Thanks again.

Is there anyone on this thread who can tell me the difference (or better yet point me at documentation describing the difference) between the standard ZigBee HA kwikset SmartHome deadbolt and the Control4 proprietary kwikset SmartHome deadbolt discussed above? I am trying to determine if I can use them both together. Will a standard ZigBee lock not function with a Control4 system? I can’t find any documentation indicating the difference between the two.

I appreciate any advice that is offered.

Does anyone know if the (HAI 1.0 ) module works with ST?

Don - I stumbled upon your post as a result of a Google search. I am looking for the C4 “daughter cards” for my 914. I originally purchased the zwave version of the lock and once I decided to run a Control4 home (I’m very glad I did) I replaced them with the zigbee version. The zigbee version turned out to be the wrong one. Too late, already installed.

Does anyone know if I can swap out the cards to a C4 version (if I can even find them somewhere, Kwikset said they do not sell them).

I’m going to research the person you mentioned was helpful.

Great post. Thank you.

Yes, you can swap out a C4 version of the card for the one’s you have in there. They are all interchangeable.


I’ve been searching for the modules. I cannot seem to find them anywhere. Do you have any idea?

Thanks! Rich