Kwikset Deadbolt

(Spec) #1

I have a Kwikset Deadbolt Model 26886. The locked is paired and I see it on the app. However, it is not responding to commands. If I try to unlock via the app, it freezes on on locking, and it does not refresh and I can’t get back to a normal state. The app also does not recognize any action for example if I manually lock it or unlock it it does not get updated on the app. Has anyone dealt with similar issues?

(Spec) #2

As a follow-up, it never gets out of the unlocked state, if I unlock the door manually and refresh the app, it still shows locked.

(Ben Edwards) #3

Could you link to this model. Having a hard time finding it online.

(Spec) #4

It’s the 910 -

(Morgan) #5

Try resetting it. Take the batteries out, and then hold the lock key down AS you are putting the batteries into lock. That will reset it, and that works for me with my 910 Kwikset.

(Spec) #6

OK, the resetting kind of worked. It is reading locked/unlocked but it seems temperamental on the remote locking and unlocking. 2 things of note, the battery is reading 0% even though there are new batteries installed.